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Dear Beloved Country ,
We are Malaysia Security Tester representing all Malaysian citizen will give our speech to our beloved Government.
As Malaysian, we are free to speak. We have our own power.
We did not hate our beloved government but we hate their system. As a high knowledge leader, the government should lead all the citizen to the right path.
As Muslim Nation, the system should based on syara'. We should not push aside what Allah asked us to do. Our country should accept with wide open heart.
As Muslim country, we must not keep silence about the crisis happened at the other Muslim country such as Palestine.
We are Muslim and they are Muslim too. Although we did not use the same mazhab, they still our brother.
We are a big Muslim country but why we keep silence about the crisis happened at our brother country.
Why the government keep silence? Why only Non-Government Organisation gave donation the most? It is so embarassing when the beloved government only keep silence.
As the citizen, we will not remain silence. We will always remind the government what should they do and don't. May Allah bless our country.
We always watching your Movement , Everywhere , Everytime !

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